“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”


                                                                           -Albert Einstein

K.L. Allen is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of KeyGroup, LLC.  He has worked in the education field for more than a decade in various roles including, Director of Business Development for universities/colleges and education management institutions.  K.L. has been responsible for creating and revamping corporate education departments as well as training staff members, which resulted in measurable company growth internally and externally.

K.L. has a life-long love of knowledge and avidly promotes the importance of education and entrepreneurship. As a professor, his focus areas are international business, global business management, marketing and business growth strategies. He regularly attends seminars and courses to stay abreast on current and future changes in his industry. K.L. holds a Master's of Business Administration in Global Management, a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, and is currently a doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership.

In addition to being a military veteran, K.L. volunteers(ed) on a number of the boards/committees geared toward education and community enhancement. In his spare time, K.L. enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, being active in his fraternity, and freelance photography.



A Word From K.L.

Thanks for stopping by our website as we are most appreciative of your time and the opportunity to work with you.  I felt it was important to have a section to explain the “why” of KeyGroup, which is important for potential and existing clients to know. 


Although I enjoyed the roles I played while working in corporate America, I still had that “what more can I be doing” feeling.  All too often I questioned whether I was truly helping others, and wondered if my job was truly my passion.  One day, a friend asked me to describe myself without a title, without using anything related to my profession, and tell them what is my happiness.  That day was a life-changing moment as I forced myself to be introspective, watched the movie “Pursuit of Happyness,” and wrote out my happiness and peace of mind.

As I stepped out to become an entrepreneur, it was lonely.  I felt like the poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, as I surely felt that I'd taken the road less traveled.  That feeling of being on a road by yourself can be daunting, which is the feeling KeyGroup eliminates for our clients.  We help churches looking to build their congregation, small businesses remove hurdles, nonprofits with strategic planning, and educational institutions add students via partnerships.  Ultimately, we assist you with growing, evolving and becoming.  The growth strategy for each vertical and client will be different as no business should be looked at with a cookie cutter approach.

Why did we select these verticals?  Great question.  Church, the faith you have to have to step out is paramount. Also, treating others how we want to be treated is without question the golden rule.  So, the more individuals we can engage and show, not only tell, how beneficial the church is, the better I feel the world will be.

Education, as my parents used to say, can never be taken away from you.  Education equips you for life in various ways as knowledge is power.


Small businesses, we love seeing the idea you have made a reality, and in today’s economy, entrepreneurship is a skill not taught or spoken of enough, especially not the obstacles you will face.  Not that I am against corporate America, but at times, you have to make your dreams reality, oppose to making someone else’s dream reality.  Is entrepreneurship for everyone, no, just as corporate America is not.  


We each have a road we can travel, and if you elect to grow your church, educational institution, nonprofit, or small business, I ask that you let us travel that road with you.

Again, thank you for stopping by, and I truly hope you take the next step by reaching out so we can begin growing your business!


Live and Love Life, as we only have ONE,


K.L. Allen
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, KeyGroup


KeyGroup is a Veteran owned company!

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