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Curriculum: Training Programs

KeyGroup, LLC specializes in developing customized training curriculum that is tailored to your organizations specific needs. In addition to our client-specific options, we offer the following programs delivered by our expert team members:

Knowing Your “WHY”

The purpose of this training is to examine self; to ask yourself questions that will evoke
answers/solutions that some may have been unwilling to confront/address.

During and after this training, you should ask yourself, visualize, and discovery the following feeling:

              Why am I important?

              Why do I get up in the morning?

              What is my purpose?

              What do I want to be remembered for?

              Have I defined my life?

              Have I unlocked the true essence of myself?

              Have my hobbies atrophied?

              Do I have joy in the morning?

              Past failures have shown me I can’t, so why try?

              Am I ready to travel the road less traveled?

              Am I fearless in knowing my way?

              Am I short changing myself?


Focus points


          • Build momentum. See what doesn’t exist.

              The bigger the dream, the harder the grind.

              Outwork, get up earlier, hustle.
          • We all have greatness
          • We are all dying, while few are living
          • What grows out of comfort?
          • There was a time in our lives where we

               wanted to fit in, but now we need to learn

               how to stand out
          • Removing the emotional strain


Benefits of Knowing your “WHY”
          • Focuses on why you do what you do
                    o Your legacy
          • Helps you understand what you want to

                    o Making your dream reality
          • Improving Life
          • Increases productivity
          • Channels your passion
          • Overcoming setbacks and being tired

              of being tired
                    o Knowing your “WHY”

Cultural Diversity

Equality is the idea that people should all be treated fairly while diversity is about recognizing and accepting that there are both individual and group differences. Cultural Competence is a must have workshop that focuses on increasing individuals and companies’ awareness about disparities within its organization while engaging, educating, and empowering those in attendance to be open minded and grow personally and professionally through hands on activities. The workshop defines cultural competence, ways to become more competent and an opportunity to have an epiphany.

7 Benefits to Culture Diversity
          • Attract and retain the best

              quality employees
          • Create more positive working relationships
          • Greater productivity within your team
          • Increased performance
          • Higher morale
          • A more innovative and creative approach
          • Reducing the risk and cost of possible

               legal action


Culture competence matters: You can look at building an inclusive and diverse workplace in any combination of financial and or ethical ways, but the results will be the same: it benefits your organization/company to be flexible, tolerant, and open.

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